A Dutch translation agency for professional translations to and from all languages

Why Dutch translation agency Elycio Tekst & Vertaling?

  • Accurate and professional
  • Translation from and to all languages
  • Personalized service
  • Industry-experienced translators
  • Qualified native speakers
  • Discount on repeated text

Dutch translation agency since 1966

For 50 years, our Dutch translation agency has been engaged by companies, governments and non-profit organizations for professional translations to and from every modern language: from French to English and from German to Chinese. Customers choose Elycio Tekst & Vertaling (formerly Elsevier Vertaalbureau) when the translation must be as good as the source document. Therefore, our Dutch translation agency works exclusively with qualified native speakers. They are highly trained professional translators who grew up with the targeted language and culture. Feel free to request a quote and discover our competitive rates and rapid delivery times or read more about our working method!

Only experienced translators who understand your target group
Elycio Tekst & Vertaling only uses translators with relevant experience in your industry or sector for your translation assignment. They speak your jargon and understand your business and target group. This results in accurate translations that deliver returns. We like to make it easy for you. At our Dutch translation agency, you can deliver your file in any desired format. We provide the translation, if desired, in the same type of file as the original document.


Clients rate our Dutch translation agency with a 4.6 out of 5:

“Professional translations always on time and with relevant questions if a double interpretation is possible. Thank you for your cooperation!”Sonia Thibaut – Communications – Alstom Benelux

At our Dutch translation agency, you always benefit from discounts

As a Dutch translation agency, we understand that you expect professional translations at a competitive price. With us, you take advantage of a discount starting with your first translation assignment. We create a company-specific translation memory for every customer, which assures you of consistent translations and the most competitive price. We always give a discount for repeated text. Your translation costs become lower with each translation assignment. Moreover, our Dutch translation agency does not charge for proofreading. A second professional translator checks and corrects the translation without charge. Feel free to request a quote.

Know more about our working method?

That’s possible! Are you looking for a Dutch translation agency as a regular partner for your translation projects? We would be pleased to introduce you to the added value and quality of our services with a free professional translation. Simply request your sample translation below.


Elycio Tekst & Vertaling is a division of Elycio Talen.

Translation agency Elycio Tekst & Vertaling is a subsidiary of Elycio Talen. Besides translation and interpreting services, Elycio Talen also offers::

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