Deliver your file in any format and we will return it with subtitles

Why choose subtitling by Elycio Text & Translation?

  • Experienced subtitlers
  • Native speakers in all languages
  • Delivered in original format
  • Subtitling in any language
  • Also translation of voice-over scripts
  • Good price/quality ratio


When you are looking for an agency to provide subtitles for all your visual material, Elycio Tekst & Vertaling cannot be missed on your list of potential partners. We offer competitive rates, provide the film file ready to go, and, if desired, we can also translate the website on which the visual material is used. That makes us a logical choice for many parties.

Subtitling and translation of voice-over scripts are distinctive disciplines

In the more than 50 years we have been providing translations and subtitling, we have built up a global network of professionals. That’s why Elycio has the perfect specialist in the network for every job, regardless of the intended target language! From English to German and from Chinese to Farsi: at Elycio you always get the right specialist for subtitling. Subtitling is a distinctive discipline within the translation field. The text must be in perfect balance with the image (in time and impact). Using specific software and experienced subtitlers, you can expect a ready-made subtitled video. If you prefer a voice-over with your visual material, you can also confidently leave the scripts up to us. We have extensive experience in translating voice-over scripts, which is especially important in finding the right tone-of-voice for the spoken text.

What does subtitling or a voice-over cost?

The costs for subtitling and voice-over are based on the duration of the visual material. You can always request a free quote by sending us the footage. Within two hours after your request you will receive an overview of the total costs and an estimated delivery date.

All modern languages
Professional Subtitling
Satisfied customers
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With original layout

Delivery date for subtitling

For subtitling or translation of voice-over scripts, our goal is to keep the delivery date as short as possible. Thanks to our extensive team of translators, proofreaders and subtitlers, we can easily deal with tight deadlines. In our quote, we will indicate when you can expect the subtitling and/or translation of the voice-over. If you have a specific deadline for your project, please let us know. We will immediately look into the possibilities of ensuring this deadline. For rush jobs, you’ve also come to the right place!

Subtitling exclusively by native speakers

Elycio Tekst & Vertaling has translation and subtitling done exclusively by native speakers of the target language. That way, we assure you of accurate translations and subtitles that take local culture and customs into consideration. Of course, every translation and subtitle is checked by a proofreader.