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  • Accurate and professional
  • Personalized service
  • Exclusively native speakers
  • Proofreading included
  • Industry-experienced translators
  • Discount on repeated text

Spanish translation agency since 1966

Spanish translation agency Elycio Tekst & Vertaling (formerly Elsevier Vertaabureau) has been providing Spanish translations for the business community and the government for more than 50 years. Each day we provide dozens of translations from Dutch, German, English and French to Spanish and vice versa. We also provide translations to and from all other modern languages. Request a quote and become familiar with our competitive rates, or feel free to learn more about our working method..

Professional Spanish translators who understand your target group

Whether it is a translation to or from Spanish, at our Spanish translation agency you always get the right translator: a qualified native speaker with experience in your industry or sector. That way, we achieve accurate and dynamic translations with the right terminology that appeals to your target group.

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Our translation agency understands your business and your target group

Elycio Tekst & Vertaling

Translation agency Elycio Tekst & Vertaling works exclusively with translators who are native speakers of the target language and have relevant experience in your sector. That way, we achieve appealing translations, tailored to your field. We provide the following specialized translations in virtually every language combination:

Looking for a translation partner?

Are you looking for a partner that can provide translation projects for your company on a regular basis? Request a free sample translation without obligation (max. 350 words) and be convinced by the quality Elycio Tekst & Vertaling provides. Request the translation here!